He is just a little baby, but he’s fighting the terrible disease.

My sweet boy cannot stop crying, and I have no way to calm him down. I hold him in my arms, and we cry together. I know that he says without words, “Mommy, please save me”! 💔
No mother thinks that it could happen to her. You give birth to a child and you are sure that all these horrors are elsewhere, happening to someone else. But one day, I was petting my sweet Matvei, and I felt something weird in his stomach. I took him to a doctor. The doctor turned pale and sent us to a hospital. Since then, my world has fallen apart 😥
Several years ago, Matvei’s father was severely injured in a car accident. Since then, he is not present in our lives. I have two teenage kids, Matvei’s elder brothers, and we are alone in this world 😢
When the doctors said that Matvei had cancer, I felt that I was losing ground under my feet. I just dropped on the floor and stayed there. A nurse gave me some water and tried to talk to me but I just couldn’t understand a word she was saying.
At that moment, I said to myself just one thing. There was an inner voice shouting inside my head: “You are the only one that Matvei has in the whole world! If you collapse, he will have no one to fight for him. He can’t fight for himself”!
I got back to my feet and started crying. But I got back to my feet. I held my son in my arms, and I knew that I was going to fight for his life. My baby will not die. He will get all the care he needs, and he will live a long and happy life. I am not going to lose him, I can’t lose him!!! 😢
Matvei desperately needs life-saving treatment. Without this treatment, he will be gone. Without this treatment, he will not survive. Cancer will take him away from me. I’m so lonely in the world. No one is going to help me or to support me. Sometimes I feel that I’m collapsing but I gather all my strength to cry out to you. I have to save my son, and I will simply lose him without you. Please do not let me lose my child. Give life to my little Matvei! 😰
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